The Glow Glory Beach- and Swimwear Collection: Mix and Match

The Glow Glory Beach- and Swimwear Collection: Mix and Match

Luxurious bikini designs as a symbol of status and prestige

The Glow Glory beach- and swimwear collection is full of elegance, glitz and refinement, paired with classicism and exclusivity. A mix & match line for chic and modern women who love glamour and are ready to celebrate it. We understand that women have a variety of body shapes and delight in diverse cuts and designs. Therefore, we have designed a prestigious selection of distinct styles from which distinguished looks can be created to fit the unique taste of each individual. Our bikinis are fashionable and sophisticated with top-quality and integrity. It is important to us that the bikinis will serve you long beyond their season of origin. Thus, in addition to high-quality craftsmanship and noble design, the comfort and pampered feel makes this swim- and beachwear a timeless collection.


Accessories on swimwear: trend for 2023

We believe that the trend for jewelry accents and decorative details on swimwear will strongly increase in 2023 and beyond. Customers desire unique and exclusive fashion. We see more and more women combining swimsuits and bikinis with elegant jewelry. Therefore, our mission was to design a luxury beach- and swimwear collection that combines high-quality fabrics with the finest jewelry materials.


Special features of our swimwear collection

All our bikini pieces are refined with our glamorous, glitzyaward-winning accessories: the precious gold-colored metal medallions with the Christin Isabellé emblem. They add that certain something for poolside perfection. The attached button accessories with in-house logo are made of the highest quality materials from Italy and are used throughout the collection. It is important to us that the garments are comfortable. The sleek silhouettes are therefore kept in a supple, premium Italian fabric that feels gentle on the skin and has a soft touch. It shimmers lightly, shines subtly and has a special, luxurious silk effect.

These bikini models embody luxury, with their timelessnessand magnificence. They highlight uniqueness and individuality. The high-end, durable bikini pieces are an ideal companion for your next resort vacation. Suitable for a relaxed day at the beach to a stunning and glamorous night out – let your best self glow.                


Bikini cuts and styles to mix and match

Every woman is perfect and we want her to feel that way too. Most flattering, modern designs have been created with curved contours and accessories that further accentuate the female body shape.

The star of the Glow Glory collection is undoubtedly our luxurious "Queen of the Sea Bikini Top". It has a seductive deep V-neckline and creates a slight push-up effect due to the particular cutting. Alongside it is the ultra cute and comfortable "Sporty Vibe Bikini Bra" with thin straps for lovers of the sporty style. Bringing excitement to any look, this piece can be worn as a glamourous top to eleganttrousers for special occasionsdistunguished with that extrawow! Femininity reaches its peak with the "Glamorous Bandeau Bikini Top". With removable straps and a chest-emphasizing shape, it is suitable for style icons who love a charming off-the-shoulder look.        

A real eye-catcher among the bikini bottoms is the "High Waisted Bikini Bottom". It emphasizes the midriff, has a sexy high-waist cut and makes legs look seductively long. For women who like to wear their trousers higher, this piece must not be missed at the next vacation. The staging cut out with triangular shapes draws the eye to the legendary "Iconic Cut Out Bikini Bottom". It is predestined for the fashionistas who prefer fancy tailoring. True to the motto "keep it simple" is the "Classic and Shaped Bikini Bottom", our conventional model among the bottoms that gives balance to the style. A breathtaking aura is provided by the "High Cut Bikini Bottom with Cut Out". It conceals feminine problem areas and shapes the body at the same time. A design of prestige and luxury.   

You can mix and match our collection to create your own unique style. Look forward to a summer full of fascination on the beach, breathtaking moments at the cocktail bar, unforgettable dinners on the boat, and sparkling events. It goes without saying that these beautiful items will be indispensable for your next swim.    


Dive into pleasure, treat yourself to this first-time release collection, and experience bathing in the magnificent glow of glory.    

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